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By Pamela F.

Do the Desert Villas ll have access to all amenities that Villas l have?

Avatar for Pamela F. Pamela F.

1 year ago
Sep 09, 2019

By RedWeek Support Team

The Marriott Desert Springs Villas II does not have complimentary access at the JW Desert Springs I Monday - Friday. There is a $10 per day fee to use the amenities during that time. The weekends are complimentary.

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1 year ago
Sep 11, 2019

By Kathy J.

The reason the Villas II do not have access to the hotel is that they are so much better! They were built with their own amazing pools and amenities. If you want to drive or walk clear over to the hotel, you can use it for $10 on weekdays and $0 on weekends. I’ve been going to Villas II for many years and have never felt the desire to go to the hotel. You will love Villas II.

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1 year ago
Sep 16, 2019

By Julie S.

I have been going to this property for over 20 years and have stayed in both Villas I and II. Villas I are larger and much nicer. There is more activity for kids on the Villas II side which can also make it a different experience. It is wonderful having access to the spa and facilities at the hotel as a Villas I member since the gym is much larger and the spa beautiful. You also have access to the pools etc at Villas II if you so choose. I would recommend Villas I for its options over Villas II any day.

Avatar for Julie S. Julie S.

9 months ago
Dec 10, 2019

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