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Could someone please comment on the construction noise at The Marriott Ocean Club? There are several posts on Tripadvisor that are not good. We hope to visit late Feb or early March. Is it also possible that I rent two oceanview units and end up on ground floor with no view? Thank you!
by Anne P.

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2 weeks ago
Aug 31, 2020
by Jen D.

by John M.

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4 months ago
Apr 24, 2020
by John M.

If you stay at the ocean club, do you have access to the lazy river and kids activities at the surf club?
by John B.

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6 months ago
Feb 29, 2020
by Valerie H.

bathroom amenities and towels
by Kevin S.

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6 months ago
Feb 27, 2020
by Kevin S.

Che Bar/Cucina Argentina
by Thomas G.

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6 months ago
Feb 26, 2020
by Thomas G.

Does Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club offer an All Inclusive Plan?
by Lorna Q.

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7 months ago
Feb 11, 2020
by Larry M.

We'll be staying at the Ocean Club in May, 2020. Is there maid service? If so, is there a cost?
by Joanne B.

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7 months ago
Feb 06, 2020
by RedWeek Support

It doesn't say there is a beach for use on the premises, can you tell me if there is?
by Jean L.

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8 months ago
Jan 12, 2020
by Larry M.

Do you rent the palapas through Marriott? I read that the beach in front of the Ocean Club is a public beach and now there is another palapa vendor. Do they both charge the same price and do you have to get there at the crack of dawn? Is it also a problem getting beach chairs with umbrellas/shade by the pool too?
by Dolores B.

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8 months ago
Jan 12, 2020
by Larry M.

Are the maintenance fees annual or monthly?
by Rick Neustein

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9 months ago
Nov 17, 2019
by Marcia M.

Are there taxes when you rent?
by Sue C.

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1 year ago
Aug 05, 2019
by RedWeek Support

Guest certificate
by Sharon T.

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1 year ago
May 31, 2019
by Pierre M.

aruba ocean club,every other year
by Pellegrino C.

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1 year ago
Apr 27, 2019
by Edward C.

President's Week at the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club
by Joy S.

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3 years ago
Mar 12, 2017
by Mary L.

Resort Page Update
by Marty F

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8 years ago
Jul 04, 2012
by Ellen D.

WiFi options for Marriott Aruba
by Roland R H.

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8 years ago
May 26, 2012
by Roland R H.

Aruba Destiny Gone
by Howard H.

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Feb 14, 2011
by Dahlia C.

by Geri D.

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10 years ago
Jun 25, 2010
by Geri D.

Internet service
by Anthony B.

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10 years ago
Mar 25, 2010
by Gary D.

by Geri D.

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11 years ago
Sep 14, 2009
by Pierre M.

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