Divi Little Bay Beach & Racquet Club

Little Bay Beach, Sint Maarten & Saint Martin

Divi Little Bay Beach & Racquet Club

Little Bay Beach, Sint Maarten & Saint Martin

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  • Sint Maarten provides the European charm. Nature provides the unspoiled beauty. And Divi provides the perfect getaway at Little Bay Beach & Racquet Club, located on a palm-fringed beach, just minutes from the quaint Dutch capital of Philipsburg. Enjoy five swimming pools, several restaurants right on-site and even sunset and dinner cruises right at the resort. When the sun goes down, drink, dine, and dance at Little Bay, or step out for a lively night on the town.

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    • Avatar for georgeh72
      By georgeh72 Nov 18, 2015

      We bought our first unit 7 years ago and never looked back.today we have 2 units and love it.this is heaven

    • Avatar for barbarat258
      By barbarat258 Jun 7, 2013

      We loved ir. Our first trip end of February. We will be back!

    • Avatar for chriss819
      By chriss819 Mar 19, 2013

      Stayed in Divi Little Bay. What an incredibly beautiful place, very clean, excellent staff and accommodations. Seriously, nothing to complain about. Cant wait to return next year!

    • Avatar for james317
      By james317 Jul 25, 2012

      We recently returned from two weeks in Divi Little Bay. We have been going there since 1998. We found more emphasis on manicuring the landscaping and generally keeping the property clean.

      The buildings were gutted and rebuilt around 6 years ago. Still a lot af maintence was being done. Units were taken out of service to be painted. A trailer truck of furniture was being unloaded to put into units that needed theirs to be replaced.

      The main restaurant was closed for 5 months for major remoldling. It was recently reopened with different theme food offers for each day of the week.

      The front desk was polite and accommodating. Problems or concerns were addressed within hours instead of days as it used to be.

      Housekeeping was polite and effective. Any needs were met right away.

      We are looking forward to another two great weeks in 2013.

    • Avatar for andym28
      By andym28 Mar 6, 2012

      It's a nice resort but a word of caution, don't buy a timeshare anywhere in St Martin. Rent or Exchange in. BTW as far as my review is concerned, it's accurate but they didn't ask all of the questions that they should have.

      First thing to understand are that Timeshare Owners own nothing, your status is that of a long term lessee (a tenant), look at the contract. The owner of the resort (usually a numbered company) owns the land, buildings and is recognized by the government. Timeshare "Owners" have No legal rights to speak of, no voting rights on resort issues, no right to audit books. The real owners also take pains to not let other tenants network and organize, supply a members section on their web site etc.

      We have an 80 year lease for 1week at Belair Beach, we are sent a newsletter once a year, it's most important function is to present a list of expenses (unsupported by any detail) which they claim justifies their ridiculous maintenance fees. We bought in 1995 with a yearly fee of $305.00, today it has risen to $932.00 (add the $50 tax to it and your near a cool $1,000), an average yearly increase of 8.5% compounded. It's actually higher if I included the occasional special assessment. They charge those fees because they can get them (you have no recourse) and also they inhibit your ability to sell (they claim they have resale programs but they are typically shams) Consequently, as maintenance has climbed, purchase value of the week has dropped (it's an inverse relationship). The week we bought for $14,000 in 1995, I can get for $1,200 - $2,000 from a number of sources, people who own a mid-summer week are at $500 - $1,000. So your left with a decision, pay this years maintenance or walk and start taking advantage of deals around the world. Every time I'm called an owner at the resort, I get annoyed.

    • Avatar for linda1577
      By linda1577 Dec 8, 2010

      Just got back from St. Maarten have been going there for 18 years and this was the first time I stayed at Divi. Would I do it again, only as a last resort. The parking is awful, so far away and my unit was all the way at the top of the hill with no view. Also, have many friends that work late and want to come over for a drink, big problem. They do not allow any guest thru the gates after 10:30.

    • Avatar for elizabeth39
      By elizabeth39 Updated Jan 9, 2010

      We just returned from our annual family holiday trip to St Martin. We stayed at Divi Little Bay for the entire time. The resort just sparkles. It has been renovated, and everything looks so nice, neat and clean. It is a large resort, however you do get to know just about everyone and if feels nice and cozy. This resort sits on the most beautiful location in St Martin of all of the resorts I have seen (and I have been around the island for years and know it very well). Every room has a great view of the water, and there is always a nice breeze. We stayed in the newly renovated beach side condo's. Our only complaint is that it is really HOT at that location of the resort, the sun sits and beams down on the walls and the heat really builds up. The other side sits in more shade and is much cooler. The waves sound wonderful and put me to sleep at night. The pools were in fine condition, as were the bars and the entire resort. We have a car the entire time on the island (it is not expensive) and that is the only way I would go to St Martin, as the Island has so much to do and so many different areas that are just a stones throw away (Marigot, Rouge Beach, Cupecoy, Marigot, Marigot Harbour, Grand Case, Bay Orient, etc). Divi is quite a bit of fun and they had (2) parties during the week, with crab races, dancing and raffles. My son played quite a bit of beach volleyball and soccer. The sea was very rough this winter and we could not do much ocean swimming even in Little Bay which is typcially very calm. We did go to Friar's bay, which is never rough, and of course Bay Orient which is a destination in and of itself. There are things that are not perfect at Divi, in the service areas that are being addressed. I am not sure the Island(s) will ever hold up to the service we get in 4 star hotels in the US and Mexico, so you do need to take that into consideration. If you want to go to a fantastic island, explore and have a great time, DIVI is a fantastic place to stay.

    • Avatar for john726
      By john726 Nov 9, 2009

      We just got in last night (Nov. 8/09) and I have to say that this is a super resort...It has been thoroughly renovated throughout. We had one of the newer two story units on the beach (room 1025). Great location...and just a few steps out your door to the beach. I would recommend a unit on the 2nd floor as we got quite a few bites from sand flies...perhaps due to being on the first floor right on the beach. Plus the water was amazing...We swan every day! I thought the location of the resort was great...as it was just minutes from Philipsburg. The resort's beach is very private and November was the perfect time to go because there weren't a lot of people fighting for a chair on the beach. You have to go to Serafina's french bakery in Marigot...as it has amazing croissants and french pastries. There is also an outdoor market there where the locals display their goods and the prices are quite reasonable. Also, take the time and go to the italian restaurant called Spiga in Grand Case...Excellent food! Try the carpaccio...and osso bucco...plus the gnocchi was amazing! Do not miss out on this restaurant!!! The restaurants at the resort are nothing to rave about but they serve a very simple and small breakfast buffet for $14.95 including your coffee and juice which is cheaper than going a la carte. There's a great little coffee shop with a small grocery store on site so I would pick up my morning coffee there. The weather was perfect even though the weather.com kept showing rain for the week...We were in St. Lucia in April and St. Maarten has more to offer...We're so glad that Westjet is flying there now! For Canadians...wait and buy your Grey Goose or Belvedere vodka in St. Maarten as the prices are very good...The newly renovated airport is quite a nice change for the Caribbean and has some nice duty free shops...The other islands in the Caribbean could take a few lessons from St. Maarten...

    • Avatar for mike1536
      By mike1536 Updated Apr 21, 2008

      The resort is currently renovating some of the buildings, but with the exception of one pool and the laundry being closed, there wasn't any inconvenience. Some of the hotel units were being combined and converted to 1 BR units

      The pools are smaller than I expected, but sufficient for the occasional dip. The beach is large enough to accommodate the guests with plenty of lounge chairs available (poolside lounge chairs and umbrellas are taking quickly).

      You cannot park near your unit, but even the furthest buildings are no more than a few minutes walk. Staff is available to help with your luggage. If you have problems walking, you'll want to get a unit close to the pool and beach otherwise you'll be depending on staff to give you rides to/from your unit (golf cart).

      Some units face Great Bay (buildings B1-B12) and you can see the cruise ships come & go, but the winds came from that direction so sitting on the balcony was a bit windier than sitting on the beach.

      Our 1 BR unit (#621, Bldg B-8) was listed as a Full kitchen, but it was more of a limited kitchen (No dishwasher or oven). There was a built in stove-top, but it was only a two-burner. Since it was just my wife and me it was not an issue. The other odd thing in our unit was that there was no dresser (or bureau) in the bedroom. The only place to keep your clothes was in the combination TV center/dresser in the living room. I saw other units that had a 4-burner stove top and dressers in the bedrooms. Dishwashers for the 1 BR units are probably overkill anyway, since there are not enough spare dishes fill the DW prior to running it.

      Except for the wait staff, everyone was courteous and helpful. The wait staff wasn’t rude, just indifferent. I had to chase them down on occasion. I thought the food was about average, though I did not sample the entire menu.

      Downtown Phillipsburg is a short drive away, but parking can be difficult and you might find yourself parking a fair distance from the shopping on Front Street and the beach.

      The resort has a small store, which is good for picking up a few food items, but it is a bit pricey. The grocery store just outside of Phillipsburg (Le Grande Marche) is the best bet for food shopping. If you are looking for duty-free liquor, the store at the resort (located in the jewelry store) had better prices than some of the stores in town, so shop around.

      When you check in pick up your Divi Discount card, it offers some discounts on stores, restaurants, and activities.

      This was my first trip and I’d return, but I would probably not eat too many meals at the resort restaurants. There were better choices in Phillipsburg (Chesterfields & Mark's Place) and nearby Simpson Bay (Pineapple Pete's) If you go to Orient Beach check out Andy & Cheryl’s, which is towards the southern end of the beach right before you get to the clothing optional section.

    • Avatar for john1671
      By john1671 Oct 1, 2006

      I have stayed at several St. Maarten resorts but my two recent stays at the Divi were just great !

      The rooms are being fully redone section by section, the area with 2 pools with the bar and restaurant (furthest from the main entrance) were just redone this August/Sept.

      One of the best beaches around, protected bay with calm waters. Variety of watersports, watercraft, and excursions at the dive center. Onsite shopping and sevaral food choices a big plus. Great location for exploring the island.

      They have a new maintenance manager who started this spring. Became friendly with him and he has a lot of plans and ambition to spruce the place back to high end condition. He also knows his stuff. He pointed out to me that maintaining a seaside resort is more like a ship than buildings, for example, he started them using maritime grade hardware and fasterners for all projects so things stay nice longer. His attitude and knowledge were very impressive.

      So I am confident that the next visit will be even better....

    • Avatar for nataliek20
      By nataliek20 Jun 29, 2006

      2006/2007 will be our third year to Divi, St. Martin. The staff is mixed, some people are so awesome while some just so rude you don't know what to do with yourself. The food is great! The small supermarket had everything I needed for emergencies for my small son.

      The coffee shop is the best, (go see Wendy, tell her Natalie sent you, she will hook you up!) Walter is the best waiter and manager in the restaurant, ask to sit with him, he takes care of you! The island is great! Lots to see and do, the rooms are decent, there is a lot of remodeling going on and some of the finished rooms I saw are beautiful.

      There used to be a swim shop but they closed. Too bad because they had great merchandise for sale, although you can go into town, it's about a 3 minute ride there and get some nice stuff. The spa is a wonderful way to relax to the fullest and I recommend a long walk along the walkways.

      I love it there!

    • Avatar for cheryls47
      By cheryls47 Sep 20, 2005

      We just recently came back from a trip to St. Marteen where we stayed at the Divi Little Bay. The only fault with it was that the parking is aways from most units and many flights of stair in the building. Ask for a ground level floor if you can't take doing the stairs everyday. The service was very good - the maid knocked on our door to ask if we need clean towels everyday and midweek on Wed. they came in and changed the beds and cleanup - even a few dishes I hadn't washed yet! Snorkeling was just okay at the resort. Better snorkeling at Cocount Grove and Pinel Island's Yellow Beach on the French side or on the Island of Anguilla.

    • Avatar for christine311
      By christine311 Updated Dec 27, 2004

      we were so disappointted with divi...the staff is limited, the room we had first had no a/c, then the water ran brown, then we had no water, the toilet was broke the whole week, and we couldnt get anyone to fix it, the bed sheets were never made or changed, the breakfast buffet was poor. when we tried to order breakfast off the menu, the waitress tried to serve us french toast from the buffet that was stale. when we requested fresh toast, we received alot of dirty looks( even though the maitre de said it should have been made fresh.) The restaurants and bars were opened at such odd time, we didnt even get to enjoy most of them. We left here and went to Sunterra Flamingo and had a WONDERFUL time. Also, if you have trouble walking distances, the divi is not for you...quite a bit of walking and stairs just to reach our room, no elevators or close parking. best thing was jet skiing trip with " Fran". He was great! The location and beach are picturesque, but this resort is in dire need of updating and more staff to maintain it properly and make guests feel cared for and welcome. Most we encountered didnt go out of their way to help us. I thought it was a language barrier , until we stayed elsewhere and felt so much more welcome. RCI needs to reassess their status.

    • Avatar for joper1
      By joper1 Nov 24, 2004

      Resort of Distinction? I don't think so. Great beach, friendly pool bar, enjoyable restaurant, on site shops & facilities open 'til 7pm....BUT - units in dire need of repairs & modernizing. If you are on the third floor and it rains, you floor will be a swamp. The fix? Staff will bring up extra towels for the floor so you won't break your neck. Ants are bad - bring a can of Raid liquid ant killer, you will be glad you did. Mosquitoes are bad at night - no screens on the patio or its doors. They also have gotten into the unit air conditioning ducts, so you may want to shut the AC off at night - we did. We got bitten on our ankles by mystery bugs either in the unit (bed?) or on the beach and/or resort grounds. Even with all of the above, we have been twice - the sound of the surf at night from the balcony and swimming amongst the fish along the rocks just 25 feet out from the beach are worth the hassles. Don't forget to bring your swim mask!

    • Avatar for mshyflyer
      By mshyflyer May 30, 2004

      My favorite place on the whole island. We have stayed here several times, in both the time share and the hotel side, and have never been disappointed. Beach on Little Bay is wonderful, views of both Little Bay & Great Bay beautiful. Snorkeling in Little Bay by the point is also one of the best on the island. Grounds are very well maintained, pools are wonderful, staff very helpful. Close enough the many great restaurants for convenience, or you can dine right at the resort.

    • Avatar for mark503
      By mark503 Mar 10, 2004

      Stayed there October 2001. Loved it and plan to return this year. There is no other place in St. Maarten that compares to its beauty. A quiet and relaxing place.

    • Avatar for tanyabryan1
      By tanyabryan1 Updated Jan 23, 2004

      we stayed in the newer unt, and was thoroughly impressed. We plan to visit at least every other year. The view was spectacular and it was close to the city. The staff was also great!!

    • Avatar for rachel15
      By rachel15 Updated Jan 10, 2004

      The grounds were beautiful and were well taken care of. It was close to Phillipsburg and had a nice pool and beach. However, we stayed in a studio apartment and were very dissatisfied. The room had a musty smell and was not very clean. The jacuzzi looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a long time. There were ants throughout the kitchen and the bathroom. When we complained, we were told that there were no other units available. I would not stay there again!!

    • Avatar for sguthrie
      By sguthrie Nov 5, 2003

      Beautiful location and tip of land with ocean views on each side. However, the management of the resort was not up to north american standards and many of the units need to be RAZED or at least entirely overhauled to be up to a BASIC standard. We complained about the state of the unit we were assigned (an old tired building with dingy furniture and broken appliances) and were transferred (via a sullen, angry staff member) to a beautiful new unit with which we were delighted. (Amazingly, the unit would likely have stayed empty as it was not assigned to anyone. If our stay had only been in the new unit we would have agreed with RCI's rating of Resort of International Distinction, but given our overall experience I don't think it rated the RID. With much better management and complete overhaul of the old units it would be worth visiting again, as the location is fabulous.

    • Avatar for barbleon1
      By barbleon1 Jul 22, 2003

      We have stayed here several times, and have never been disappointed. The view is spectacular in both directions, the beach on the Little Bay side and Phillipsburg and Great Bay with cruise ships on the other side. The people at the resort always treated us very well and were anxious to please.

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Verified & Protected 02/16/19–02/23/19 7 nights $1,500 ($214/night) View: Oceanfront Beds: 1 Baths: 1.5 Sleeps: 6 Rented!
02/09/19–02/16/19 7 nights $1,200 ($171/night) View: Ocean view Beds: 0 Baths: 1 Sleeps: 4 Rented!
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