Playa Grande Resort

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Playa Grande Resort

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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  • Blessed with nearly year-round sunshine, Southern Baja's rare and remote beauty is yours to explore at Playa Grande Resort. Cabo San Lucas is enjoying increasing popularity. Pacific waters as well as a beach are just a step away and offer the best in deep-sea fishing. Resort amenities include a swimming pool and restaurant. This resort has a unique Mexican hacienda style.

    * Note that internet and fitness center may require an additional fee.

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    • Avatar for marcyb35
      By marcyb35 Oct 10, 2017

      Gorgeous resort! First class amenities; huge clean rooms & beautiful grounds. Right on the beach.

    • Avatar for donaldp72
      By donaldp72 Oct 25, 2016

      We love Playa Grande. It has become our home away from home for two (2) weeks each year in early November. Its location on Solmar Beach is the best in Cabo, hands down. The owner services staff is outstanding and they have always given us first class support.

    • Avatar for waynec16
      By waynec16 Updated Jan 29, 2016

      ****** Hola. We just returned from a visit at the resort in January 2016. The grounds, buildings and furnishings were in near perfect condition. I think better then new post hurricane. There is an upgraded rebuilt Calima Restaurant where they now serve lunch, dinner and a new Sushi Bar. Our suite was very clean and spacious and the king bed heavenly. The staff aimed to please and provided excellent service. All the activities around the pool were free, We learned Spanish, played water volleyball, ping pong, stretching class on the beach, pool aerobics , played Black Jack and Texas Holdem. The resort location is convenient , you can walk to town, and the Marina or taxi for $8. They now offer 2 for one happy hour around the pool areas twice daily. The restaurants and spa were wonderful. We especially enjoyed the large buffet breakfast at the Brigantine oceanfront restaurant for $23 and it included all the champagne or Mimosa's you can drink. You can even get champagne to go cups. If you are a guy ask for the Manmosa. Playa Grande is located on the Pacific Ocean so swimming is at your own risk, but the beach is private so there are no vendors to bother you. We loved the sunset and sunrise views from our large balcony. 100% recommend this resort and very much enjoyed are stay and will be back.

    • Avatar for myron19
      By myron19 Jul 16, 2015

      We are owners of a Presidential Suites in both Playa Grande & the Grand Solmar. We have been owner for 7 yrs. and really enjoy the resorts. The resorts are easy access to the Marina and good food. Cabo is a great place to relax, fish, and have fun. The Malone's

    • Avatar for herbc18
      By herbc18 Updated Jul 11, 2015

      We purchased from a timeshare owner for Xmas 2014. The place is old. The furniture is old and badly needs replacement. Maybe we were unlucky and got stuck with a unit that is waiting for renovation. Many things are broken, such as the patio lights, the screen door to the patio, the kitchen cabinet doors, the circa 1960s pull-out bed, and the worst - the tub has cracked tiles and has enclosed water drains that never fully drained and felt like a cesspool for mosquito eggs. The beach on this side also had very strong waves and not meant for swimming, especially kids. Very disappointed with our stay.

    • Avatar for foo10
      By foo10 Updated Dec 30, 2014

      We stay at Playa Grande 3 weeks every year. We have stayed on the Ridge and in the lower section. Have been going there for the past 12 years. We own 3 units there. Plan to get up earlier than 9:00 am and you will have no problem getting a chair at one of the pools. If not then go out to the beach with your beach towel and sprawl out there. The waiters will serve you there. Service is always good but I make sure I tip well right up front and I never have any problem getting fast and friendly service for the whole week. Just tell the guy when he first takes your order that you will be there all week and stress the phrase "BIG TIPS, BIG TIPS", he will get the message. Just don't do this when someone wearing a bikini is walking by. It may cause some confusion. Once this message has been established you will be treated like royalty from that time on. They will even remember you on your next visit. Also you need to keep in mind that these guys only make $8 a day so of course they are going to cater to you if you are a good tipper. I would do the same. Why should they come running to get a drink or lunch order from a cheap-o in a thong. Be generous and these guys will treat you like family. Hey they are supporting families just like us so pony up the denairos bud and you will be a happy vacationer. I also tip the pool guy at the ridge and he makes sure I get a pool chair in the morning. Hey, that's how things work down there so part with a few bucks to make sure your visit is a great one.

      It's also nice to learn some basic Spanish. You would be surprised how they will warm up to you if your speak some of their language. After all some of their English may be poor but then again how is your Spanish? Something to think about. Food was great and I must always remember that the Mexican deserts are not sweet.

      The time share push in Cabo can be irritating but if you are just up front with them and say, I can't afford it, they usually will leave you alone. I think the problem tourists have is that they want everyone to think they have lots of money so they have a hard time admitting they can't afford the time shares. This only prolongs the agony and wastes your time as well as theirs. If you do get caught by the time share push just make sure they make it worth your while. It’s not out of line to ask for 1000-2000 Pecos ($100-$200) for you to sit through their presentation. I also have gotten fishing trips, Dinner, Golf, booze, Tours, ETC. Remember, this is the resort and they do have the money so make them make it worth your while. After all it is your time and your vacation. Try the Regina, they give the most in prizes and the pressure is minimal. Stay away from the Mayan Palace unless you enjoy pain. The time share guys there are pros and you will get the grilling of your life. You will feel like you are on the "Walk of Shame" when you go over to get your prizes. Always one of my proudest moments. I strut the whole way. LOL, Also keep in mind that the guy that originally books you gets around $50 for having you show up. If you don't show he isn't paid.

      As for the Playa Grande, well we enjoy it immensely. The happy hour at the sports bar is the best with 2 for one stiff drinks and good food. I would wait until happy hour to buy a drink from the pool as they are quite weak. We usually take our own bottle and add to the ones we buy there. (It's the same everywhere you go in Mexico). Hit Costco on the way in and stock up and you will be just fine. The Mexican Fiesta night at the Solmar is a must on Saturday night. It is owned by Playa Grande and you can book the dinner in the lobby.

      Let’s see, the coffee cart is the breeze way is good but not a Starbucks. The restaurant is good and moderately priced, but you do have the choice of going into town which is a 10 minute walk and we always feel safe day or night making the trip. You can get anything there from Subway, KC, Mc Donald’s to Johnny Rockets 50's burgers, Sea Food places, lots of Mexican food places, several moderately priced outside restaurants and of course several high end restaurants. One of our favorite is the Office over on Redondo Beach. Like I said lots and lots of choices.

      Only interesting experience we had was a cab ride to the airport last Christmas. The driver was stoned out of his goard and I had to keep punching him in the shoulder to make him slow down. I think I grabbed the steering wheel twice but we always weaved back onto the highway and continued on. We arrived safely but my wife was a little tense and my cheeks were sore from grabbing the upholstery, but we made it ok and I did enjoy the ride. LOL. I could have given the driver a banana peel for the payment and he wouldn't have known the difference. LOL - All part of the Mexico experience. LOL

      Just a little tip. When you are away from the club the street and beach vendors will hammer you. I found that if you can catch them right before they ask you if you want to buy something and say, "Do you want to buy my hat" this usually startles them and they walk away. If not a "No Gracious" sign pinned to your hat or shirt does the trick too. LOL

      We rented a car a year ago and drove to Todos Santos to go to Hotel California. I had never done this before but we were able to get a car right at the resort. I actually asked for a free one day rental in exchange for the time share presentation there at Playa Grande. Saved me $100. We found that driving in Mexico wasn't that bad but were a little disappointed to find out that the Eagles have never really been to Hotel California in Todos Santos Mexico. I bought the T-Shirt anyways.

      Take some hand cleaner with you when you go and use it frequently and you will not have any health problems. Do this especially after you handle the money and after you have shopped in the craft markets and handled the merchandise. We also drink bottled water although the water at Playa Grande is purified and OK to drink. There is a doctor on the premises but plan on a hefty bill if you need a tetanus shot or other treatment. Say, not much different than here in the States Huh!

      Make sure you exchange your greenbacks or travelers checks at the front desk of Playa Grande. Usually $100-200 a day is acceptable. They will take your greenbacks in town but the exchange isn't as good. At the club you can just charge everything to your room and their receipting is very accurate. Ask for receipts and see for yourself. The extremely nice mall at the marina and most of the restaurants in town will take your major credit cards and the exchange is done automatically by your bank. There are also ATM machines around town, specifically one at the Swim with the Dolphins building right outside Playa Grande but make sure you pay attention to the ATM screen. Twice I have pressed the $100 button only to get 100 Pecos ($10) out of the machine, and there is an ATM transaction fee. LOL Talk about a size 2 hat for me, LOL I still feel stupid about that one.

      All in all we feel that Playa Grande is the best resort in the area for the money. Have a great time and be generous with the Staff. It will come back to you 100 fold in quality service and friendship. The Mexican people really are wonderful family oriented people and you will enjoy them.

      Just a little tip. Print your boarding pass off from the computer center at Playa Grande the day before you leave. Will make the airport experience much more tolerable.

    • Avatar for pennys19
      By pennys19 Updated Sep 10, 2013

      We first stayed at Playa Grande in 2002, having traded a week at another resort in Mexico through RCI. While there, we bought a week for the following November and, in November, bought a second consecutive week. We have gone to Cabo every year since then, and enjoy Playa Grande more every time, if that's possible. Yes, it's changed from the smaller, less-glitzy resort it now is. But the staff is still the same for the most part, and we've traded up for a unit which we like even better than our original one. So we will continue to come to Playa Grande until we can no longer make the trip, and then pass it on to our children and their children to enjoy as we have. We realize that a timeshare is an obligation, not an asset. But, in Playa Grande's case, it's hard to find anything negative about that obligation...

      As owners, we now have WiFi available in various locations throughout the resort (and, when the wind is right, we can use it on our veranda). This is especially nice since our favorite Internet cafés in town went away during the last couple of years. And Playa is still the best location for the price. in our opinion.

    • Avatar for dorothys145
      By dorothys145 Mar 19, 2013

      Can't say enough about Playa Grande. We have been owners for 8 years now - only bought 1 week and wish we had bought more. The convenience of being able to walk into town and the marina in a few short blocks is wonderful. Most of our time is spent right at the resort, however. The beach is one of the most beautiful we have had the privilege to visit. The resort is kept clean, neat and well maintained. The rooms are spaceous and clean. The restaurants at Playa and the sister resorts at the Ridge, Solmar, Grand Solmar and restaurants in town offer a great variety of outstanding food served with excellent service.

      And the staff at Playa are just outstanding. It is so much fun to come back year after year and recognize so many of the people. They take such good care of us!

      We now rent extra weeks just to be able to extend out time there. Already looking forward to 2014!!

    • Avatar for ronaldd136
      By ronaldd136 Updated Oct 16, 2012

      Love Playa Grande in Cabo. They are continually improving this resort so every year we visit it is better than before. The staff is eager to assist, the room is perfectly clean, the bed is amazing. I highly recommend this resort I think it is the nicest time share in Cabo. UPDATE: 10/15/12 Just returned from a week at Playa Grande. We participated in the birth of baby sea turtles and watched them waddle out to sea. What a miracle to witness first hand. Our week (41) is right in the middle of turtle hatching time. The resort is still amazing, they now feature theme nights every other night, Mexican fiesta, Italian night, Asian night... complete with entertainment. Really fun more like a cruise but on land :)

    • Avatar for donnaw85
      By donnaw85 Updated Jun 25, 2012

      I've been an owner at Playa Grande since 2002. I love the resort, the location, and the staff. However, it pains me to say that I would never, ever recommend that anyone buy here. I just found out that the Bulnes kids (owners of Playa Grande, Solmar and Grand Solmar) have raised the "Resort Transfer Fee" to 10% of the original sales price (not necessary what YOU may have paid for your resale unit) if you self-sell, and 40% if you have a third party (such as a broker) sell your unit for you.

      What does this mean? Let's say you bought a unit off of eBay for $2,000. But, the original sales price for the unit was $30,000. When you sell the unit, you will have to pay $3,000 for that "Resort Transfer Fee". That's right, $1,000 more than what you paid for the unit in the first place!

      And if you ask a broker to sell the unit for you, the Broker will have to pay a $12,000 "Resort Transfer Fee". This basically makes our beloved timeshare units worthless as we cannot sell them (or even give them away) without having to pay more than what they're worth in "Resort Transfer Fees".

      So, rent a unit but don't buy. For us owners, we'll just need to suck it up for the rest of our contracts and continue either using our units or renting them out, because unless you want to eat a huge loss, you're stuck with your unit.

    • Avatar for sandys237
      By sandys237 Updated May 29, 2012

      We have been an owner of Playa Grande since it opened, about 15 years ago and every year love our time there even more. it is like a honeymoon every year. We also love the people, town and professional community. The staff, sales people have always been very courteous and we value everyones friendship.

      At this time due to circumstances, we regrettfully need to sell our week 9 which is a 1st floor unit in D bldg. It is nice to walk out your door to be at the pool, Week 8 could be available in A bldg. on the ocean with purchase of week 9.

    • Avatar for houbrmim
      By houbrmim Jul 11, 2010

      I am an owner here also. I own in the lobby building one floor below the owner's suite. Love the room, love the view, and have liked the food every year. But I have to agree with the previous owner about the Galleon restaurant - we stopped going there about 3 years ago, because every time we went there, one of us barely made it back to the hotel before we got sick. ANd they are right next door to each other!

    • Avatar for lori73
      By lori73 May 12, 2010

      I stayed here the last week of March. The second year in a row they have stuffed me in a ridge unit over the busy road below. this year they went as far as giving me the closest usnit to the road with a view of the construction yard. I didn't pay for 5 airline tickets and maintanance fees for this. they tried to accomidate my complaint whch got me a room one floor up in the same building with a partial view of the street and marina. the meal at the lower pool (not the ridge) was over priced, the meat was flavorless and the waiter was slow, slow, slow. Everything about this place is expensive. We have opted out of ever eating here again. The Galeon Restaurant was expensive and we became ill from the food immediately after leaving. paid too much for that meal too. We have come to appreciate the places of the main drag for eats. Not sure if we will stay here again after 8 years. things are not the same as when we bought. the only good thing that i can say is they do clean daily, but this year they forgot towel replacement or just didn't come. the walk to the marina is close to everything. The ridge benifits nearly private pool BUT getting off the ridge through the private ridge access to the street below, doesn't become unlocked until 12 noon. they will not allow ridge occupants to park in the parking below the ridge. you have to park by the main lobby. a good 10 minute walk 1/2 mile walk. somef the logic of rules are not friendly to customers. Its all about the money here.

    • Avatar for larry63
      By larry63 Updated Jan 14, 2010

      We initially stayed here in early when only the 1st building was finished. We returned in OCT 01 and got caught by the F4 hurricane and discovered the quality of the resort beyond the aesthetic - they have their own power generation and desalination plant - it was the ONLY resort in the area with fresh water after the hurricane. Since the airport was closed mgmt extended our stay for only $100 for the extra 8 days until the road was finished. I returned with friends in NOV 04 - WOW!! The new buildings and finished pools are beyond belief. High quality, opulance, service. One of the best, if not the best, in Cabo.

    • Avatar for alainnar
      By alainnar Oct 5, 2009

      I just went in April of 2009. It was amazing, Best Resort in cabo. The service is wonderful and the views are spectular. It is a five star resort all the way. There was 6 pool and 5 spas. In feb you can see the whale swimming in front of the resort. It is a must see!!

    • Avatar for susan3551
      By susan3551 Updated May 31, 2009

      We stayed in room D3133 in the Ridge - beautiful and luxurious, May 10-19th. The room was kept spotlessly clean by Vicente, our maid - wonderful! Jesus at the front door and Dennis at the car rental desk were also so much fun to talk with. The lush tropical grounds are lovely, and we loved the pools. We overlooked the marina which was fun (huge balcony), although you don't get the sound of waves crashing from your room, so it's a choice you must make! We were glad we chose the Ridge because of the views and being able to use the infinity pools up there or other pools down below, even though we did miss the sound of waves. There were very few people staying there but all businesses and activities were open. Unless you are used to fine dining prices, you will probably think the restaurants in Cabo are fairly expensive. We ate in the room alot (Costco and Walmart are close and prices there the same as the States). We love Cabo - the dry weather, sunshine, beaches, and people there. I think our favorite location to stay would still be the corridor - it's quiet, and you can see both sunrises and sunsets from your balcony, but we really enjoyed Playa Grande. One big plus was being able to walk down and all around the marina and into town. Try the cappucinnos at Senor Sweets on the Marina, and there's a new Starbuck's just off the marina on the main drag. The quacamole at the Vagubundas little trailer park restaurant just outside of town (literally a trailer park!) serves a huge plate of quacamole for about $5.00 - it's fabulous. There's lots of construction everywhere right now around Cabo (not at the resort), which meant some places were really noisy (like Santa Maria bay). We had a fun afternoon at Palmilla beach - very quiet and beautiful. I could go on and on, but I would definitely stay in Playa Grande again.

    • Avatar for maryellenw6
      By maryellenw6 Updated May 29, 2009

      great place stayed last week

    • Avatar for georged65
      By georged65 Updated May 10, 2009

      We are currently staying at the resort (got here 4 days ago). A few comments that may be helpful. First this is the end of July going into August and the resort is not full. There are plenty of chairs available for people to sit by the pools and in the restaurants. I saw reviews complaining about the seating availability, we have had no problems at all regardless of the time. Another observation is that the service by the pool and in the restaurants has been very good. The rooms are clean and well maintained and the units have nice balconies that are very roomy. This is our first time at this resort and we like it, I am sure that we will be coming back in the future. The resort has good maid service as well.

      The beach is a private beach so there will be no peddlers trying to sell you their merchandise. The town is within walking distance. We are pleasantly surprised by this timeshare and we intend to stay here again when we return to Cabo.

    • Avatar for oscarl6
      By oscarl6 Dec 25, 2008

      Playa Grande is the most comfortable resort we have ever stayed at. We have a one bedroom condo with all the amenities and ocean view. The staff is incredible friendly and efficient. The on site accommodations, pools, spas and restaurants are first class. We are within walking distance to downtown Cabo, to enjoy the many restaurants, clubs and shopping. We also enjoy deep sea fishing and catch marlin every year. We would highly recommend Playa Grande to anyone who is planning a trip to Cabo.

    • Avatar for ginas86
      By ginas86 Jul 5, 2008

      I stayed a week at this resort a few years back on an exchange from another timeshare. While I was there, I loved it so much that I bought a timeshare here. I bought when they were still building the lobby and was delighted when I returned to a finished marble lobby with a beautiful fountain. The staff was still friendly. The prices at the restaurants are very reasonable, the price of drinks reasonable (and very cheap during happy hour!) I love the menu at the pool and the service - the fish tacos are my favorite and I eat them almost every day while I'm at the pool.

      The resort is in the perfect location. Many nights my husband and I walked to town for dinner and back. If you don't feel like walking, the cab ride is cheap.

      The rooms are comfortable and we spent many evenings after dinner enjoying the balcony.

      All in all, I've enjoyed each vacation and return to the US feeling relaxed and very tan. As long as I'm in Mexico, I will be staying at Playa Grande.

    • Avatar for jacb2
      By jacb2 Updated Nov 8, 2007

      I’ve been an owner at Playa Grande for 7 years, and go at least once a year. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to trade out my other timeshare week for Cabo and go twice a year.

      The hotel has really grown, and has a few growing pains made worse by revolving door managers. It seems like every year the policies are different (wi-fi charges, bar charges, etc). But hey, it’s Mexico. I’ve done the timeshare presentations at other Cabo resorts and not been impressed.

      The hotel is comparatively well run. The rooms are clean, the food is OK, and the hotel is not too much of a party scene. I like that it’s quiet and doesn’t have any beachside vendors. When I go with younger kids, they love the pools. Teenagers think the place is boring, but the town is a short walk away.

      A few tips: Stop at the Costco on the way in and load up on snacks and drinks. If you’re lucky enough to get a deck facing the ocean, you can enjoy the sunsets from your own private patio.

      The pool area is really crowded. I sometimes get a couple folding travel lounge chairs from town (or buy them from goodwill before I arrive), so I can take my own lounge chairs with me to the pool. (My timeshare room is on the ground floor.) Then I just leave them at the hotel when I go (with a note saying they are a gift to whoever needs them). It really is that bad. It's the same at Villa del Arco, Estancia, and most other hotels in Cabo that I've stayed at.

      Expect things to be different in Mexico. The beds/pillows are harder, the service varies greatly from person to person, they use local ingredients on the food, and sometimes things don’t work. I've stayed at a couple other places in Cabo. They're all like that, if not much worse. Villa del Palmar was the worst place I stayed at in Cabo.

      I know Playa Grande had mattress toppers for the people who request them. Usually the weather is good, so I don’t mind the little stuff.

      Cabo itself is getting too commercial, but I really can’t argue with the weather. If you can avoid the timeshare pitches and the high prices, you can come back to snow with a smile.

    • Avatar for trinac7
      By trinac7 Oct 23, 2007

      Highly Recommend!! Great Resort, Amazing views of the ocean, lovely spacious rooms, beautiful grounds, private hotel, friendly staff, centrally located to downtown and the Marina!! Loved It!!!

    • Avatar for carmeno9
      By carmeno9 Oct 7, 2007

      How can you rate a hotyel by looks alone. The place is very deceiving, The pools look great but are very cold to enter during our stay Dec to Jan. Service is very poor due to not enough employees. Last year at New Years Eve they ran out of the beer everyone was drinking. The food poorly cooked and overpriced for what you get. We pay a maintance fee but all the sunning chairs are falling apart, or you can not get one due to all being reserved before 9:00am. Cabo too expensive out in town for drinks. Just a beer $5.00. And the fishing fleet well you have to search through thousands just to find one that wants to really catch fish, and not take you just for a ride. Also when you get to Cabo you feel like you are in a football game due to all of the timeshare people that want you to go see their place. With all the money we spend down in Cabo I do not feel it is money worth spent.

    • Avatar for timothyd38
      By timothyd38 Sep 5, 2007

      Own 2 Presidential Suites in the "Ridge" Section. I go every year now. If you haven't seen or been up there yet, you have to soon. Absolutely breathtaking. Well worth the upgrade!

    • Avatar for dawnw48
      By dawnw48 May 8, 2007

      Beautiful resort! All the ammenities one would expect. Easy walk to town and marina, yet secluded. Also able to walk to Lovers Beach, altho we took a water taxi over and walked back. Short hike over rocks, but if a 50+ can make it...And the maids really work hard in cleaning the rooms daily, at least 1 hour or more! Security at gate, friendly staff. Cabo was more expensive than I thought, but it is on the tip of the Baja. Would stay here again!

    • Avatar for geralds19
      By geralds19 Apr 7, 2007

      Vast beachfront complex minutes from the center of Cabo. Well maintained and tastefully decorated. 3 pools one reserved for adults. Unfortunately by 8am guests have reserved their lounges and it is difficult to find a lounge after 9am. Quite frustrating. Pool service is reasonably attentive but the menu is limited and the food just ok. It was comforting to know that you could drink the water and ice is made from purufied water we were vigilant nonetheless. The town was somewhat disapointing but safe. Usual vendors , jewellry etc. Restaurants in Cabo not memorable and pricey. A visit to the upscale Esperanza Hotel explains the attraction to the area for the rich and famous. March 17-24 2007. Weather was perfect.

    • Avatar for karen3748
      By karen3748 Feb 15, 2007

      My husband have stayed at Playa Grande twice, it is beautiful and the location is excellent. The only recommendation I have is take your own pillows! The pillows are rock hard and so are the mattresses. If you are fortunate enough to be in their new section "the ridge" you will have very nice bedding, nice pillows and a wonderful high end mattress, but the older section (which is only 4 years old) needs improvement in the bed dept.

    • Avatar for cherylp52
      By cherylp52 Dec 1, 2006

      I own 4 units at Playa... one is in the B building that is the second building from the ocean. The kitchen is more than adequate. We eat at least 1/2 of our meals in. The restaurant on site is EXCELLENT! The 2 baths in the one bedroom is AWESOME as kids or a second couple have bathroom privacy.

      There are two balconies in the off the bedroom and another off the living room, two TV's. My only complaint is the futon type is uncomfortable for sitting and watching TV ... but who does that anyway....! It is more than o.k. to sleep on as I have done this for a week when I have had guests. The resort is well aware of the complaints. There is internet service from every room...wireless. It is a beautiful resort which is not only private (no vendors!) and a short walk to EVERYTHING. I've stayed at several resorts in Playa and this more than tops them all.

    • Avatar for dave1108
      By dave1108 Jun 2, 2006

      Spent 5 nights at the resort in unit 1132. Second number in the room number is the floor, 0 being the 1st floor. we were overlooking the pool area and were about 1/2 way up the resort from the beach. All the buildings have an ocean view but would say you need to be on the 3rd floor for a decent view. Our 1bdr 2 bath unit was nice and clean. The sofa/fouton was terrible at best. The front desk said they had lots of complaints about it. Didn't use it as a bed..but as a sofa it stinks. Kitchen appliances are adequate for small meals etc as are the utensils and extras. Bathrooms are large with great showers, plenty of water pressure and hot water. Maid service was great as were most of the staff.

      We "won" a bonus week at the little get together on tuesday night, but found out later is was just a RCI bonus week and only owners could use it. Pretty much worthless so we got the small bottle of tequila instead. One of the timeshare guys did offer us a 20min presentation to view the new area of the resort, the ridge, which we wanted to see anyway. This part of the resort is exclusive to those staying in that part, their own pools with amazing views of the pacific and marina. If you can get a unit in there...take it! Anyway, we did a 30min deal and got all the stuff the people who did the 2hr presentations got. Our guy was great...he knew we were not going to buy.

      Our only gripe with the place is if you are not an owner you have to pay for all the little extras. They have a mini golf, child care/kid club, gym, internet and so on...all which is extra for non-owners.

      Did not eat at the resort, so no comments there.

    • Avatar for lisac122
      By lisac122 Oct 19, 2005

      We just returned from a week at the Playa Grande (Oct 2-9). We found the resort absolutely perfect.

      The staff was extremely friendly and accomodating. We went to the activities desk 3 times during our visit and was helped immediately (we rented a car for a day/rented seadoos/booked an ATV trip). The rental car was brought to the resort and when we were done, all we had to do was leave the keys at the front desk).

      Check-in and check-out went quickly and smoothly (no long lines).

      The pools and hot tubs are clean, large, and fun! The pool service was excellent (we never waited more than 5 minutes for drinks--even during happy hour). Food was outstanding the small store in the lobby stocks essentials.

      The walk downtown is an easy 10 minute walk (though uphill part of the way on the way back-- though we found after eating and drinking the walk was very refreshing).

      The maids clean the room very well and even do your dishes if you've left any behind. The kitchen is nicely stocked with dishes, glassware, silverware, and all necessary cooking essentials).

      Our one and only problem: We had arrived the day after hurricane Otis and it was still a bit wet in some areas on the grounds (grasses mostly) which produced ants on our porch (we were on the first floor). I called maintenance and they arrived about 20 minutes after our call and sprayed the entire porch for us. No more ant problems after that.

      We plan to go back next October!

    • Avatar for peggy323
      By peggy323 Apr 23, 2005

      This is the place to stay in Cabo. You are 5

      minute walk from town but feel secluded when at

      the resort. You have the ocean waves, can fish

      (but not swim) from shore and can climb over 2

      sets of rocks to get to Lover's Beach and

      snorkel. The Mexican's are extremely friendly.

      Great swimming pools, great atmosphere, and have

      Juan serve you the Playa Grande Special during

      Happy Hour.

    • Avatar for pennie10
      By pennie10 Apr 14, 2005

      We spent Thanksgiving 2004 at Playa Grande & it was wonderful!! The resort is absolutely beautiful, the spa was great, the poolside, restaurant and maid service was attentive & thorough, the restaurants were reasonable (try the breakfast buffet!), the resort store was well-stocked, and the resort was very clean. We were fortunate to have a unit in Building A, which is the only building that faces the ocean directly (vs. overlooking the pool & the ocean). It was so relaxing & peaceful looking out on the ocean. We saw whales swimming by, and watched the fishing boats go out each morning as we had our (yummy) Mexican coffee on the patio. It was a great week & we would definitely visit the Playa Grande again!

    • Avatar for kloudon
      By kloudon Mar 8, 2005

      We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Playa Grande in January 2005. I can honestly say we were never bothered by any construction noise. The grounds are beautiful and the staff was very helpful. I especially liked the fact that it is just a short walk to the marina, shops and restaurants. We will return next year.

    • Avatar for craig363
      By craig363 Updated Jan 6, 2005

      The main section is now complete, including the lobby and driveways. They are building behind the main buildings on the hilltop, but it does not affect your enjoyment of all this resort has to offer.

      The spa has a saltwater jacuzzi and everything other top quality spas have. The gym is outstanding, new, high quality equipment. The construction and amenities are second to none.

      It is close to everything, but secluded in a private gated community. No vendors are allowed on the beach to disturb you relaxation in the sun. Speaking of sun, you get plenty of it. Cabo is in the baja california desert and get only about 5 days of rain per year. They get so little water, they must make their fresh water from salt water.

      This resort location on the Pacific provides a natural air conditioning effect, with nice cool evening breezes and comfortable daytime temps and beautiful sunsets. Watch the whales from your deck, the pool or the beach.

      If you want fun and sun this is truely your best value in Mexico.

    • Avatar for mduke2389
      By mduke2389 Jun 26, 2004

      The resort is lovely. If you are needing to sleep 4 people, make sure you have actual beds. The love seat folds out like a futon and it is hard as a rock. This is a great place for family's. Nice large shallow pools with water fall. But if your looking to swim as an adult, there could be nasty stuff floating around. The place is still under contruction. Lots of large vehicles coming and going. While there the internet was down the whole time. Maid service was good and tidy. The suite had partial kitchen. Two electrice stove tops, and a medium size fridge with freezer, a micro and toaster.

    • Avatar for mrslenamae
      By mrslenamae Apr 1, 2004

      Our first stay in our own timeshare week 11 2004 in the new building L. The resort will certainly be GRAND when all the landscaping and hardscaping is completed. The new georgeous lobby was due to be opened within 2 weeks of our stay. If you can tolorate the construction for a while longer around building L and the driveway, the resort will certainly be the grandest. Waterways, lagoons, putting green, sports bar, gym, personal beauty salon, onsite market, internet cafe, new restaurant, to name some of the things they have in the plans. The rest of the resort is still wonderful. We are very happy with our decision to buy when we did (last November). As the cost has gone up considerably in bldg L since we bought. And we are looking forward to enjoying for many many years. Hopefully the major construction will be completed around the new main lobby and building L by next March. It is sure to be spectacular. We love Playa Grande Resort even with having to tolorate the progress of construction.

    • Avatar for jsbirdlady
      By jsbirdlady Feb 26, 2004

      We enjoyed the first week in Dec. 2003 at this wonderful resort for the first time. We liked it so much we purchased a one bedroom and will go back in Nov. each year. We love Cabo.

      The pools are wonderful and the new spa will be great when it is finished. They were working everyday on the new lobby, spa and rooms. The staff was friendly and always ready to help with anything we needed. The resort was very clean and beautiful. They continue to keep things updated. An example is adding hairdryers to the bathrooms and a step into the high bathtubs.

      The restaurant on site is excellent also or just down the hill is the Galeon which will be accessible by elevator soon. The food there is wonderful also. It is easy to walk to the marina or into town.

    • Avatar for aeev25t
      By aeev25t Updated Jan 25, 2004

      We stayed at this resort and fell in love with it. The grounds are beautiful. It is a gated community, walking distance to town, located on the water and has a historic element to it (it is where a few scenes from the original Planet of the Apes movie was filmed). April is a good time for Whale watching. There is an on-site SPA planned as well.

    • Avatar for wengrod
      By wengrod Sep 23, 2003

      We have stayed at the resort as well as Villa del Palmar in Cabo. Once Playa Grande's recreation facility (spa) is complete it will be a wonderful resort. The resort is under construction. The drawback is that you cannot swim on the private beach the resort is on. There needs to be more child friendy activities (Kid's club).

    • Avatar for donita
      By donita Updated Sep 15, 2003

      Loved this place. Condo was wonderful. We had a one bedroom with 2 big bathrooms. Huge jacuzzi, great pools. Beautiful private beach. Service was wonderful. Maid service daily. The only down side was everything at the resort closed down by 9:30 / 10:00. (This was in April/May)

    • Avatar for g17master
      By g17master Sep 4, 2003

      I traded in from Aruba and fell in love with the resort. Great place to honeymoon. Short walk to town and to lover's beach.

    • Avatar for carlag
      By carlag Sep 1, 2003

      This is a wonderful property in a perfect location in Cabo. You can walk to shops and restaurants. It is immaculately clean and has the most beautiful marble and tilework you will ever find in any 5 star hotel -- both in the suites and all of the common areas. Maid service twice daily. No w/d in your suite, but there's a really nice a/c washateria on site with a tv and lots of machines. Fast too.

      There are 3 large, beautiful pools. Large sections of the pools are like a"sun shelf" (about 1' deep) and are perfect for little ones! We had a great babysitter too -- Lilliana, who works at the front desk.

      If you get the chance to go there, I promise you will love this place.

    • Avatar for eileendanette
      By eileendanette Mar 23, 2003

      This resort is one of the newest in Cabo. It is just a walk to Lover's beach and the marina at downtown Cabo. It is beautifully built. Go to to check out the virtual tour!

    • Avatar for showplant
      By showplant Dec 30, 2002

      wonderfulpools and great rooms.walk to town

    • Avatar for tyuan
      By tyuan Updated Dec 17, 2002

      This resort sits on a beautiful beach where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. It is located next to Lover's Beach and is also conveniently located by the Marina. There is a private secluded atmosphere but one can also walk into town for the nightlife and restaurants. Rooms are elegantly furnished and truly world class.

    • Avatar for koda
      By koda Updated Oct 2, 2002

      gorgeous, opulent, almost finished construction.

  • On-Site
    • Business Center
    • Child Care
    • Conference Facilities
    • Elevator
    • Fitness Center
    • Internet Access
    • Kid Friendly
    • Ocean
    • Outdoor Pool
    • Restaurant
    • Room Service
    • Shared Laundry Facilities
    • Boating
    • Fishing
    • Golf (2.4 miles)
    • Grocery Store (0.6 miles)
    • Medical Facilities
    • Scuba Diving
    • Shopping Area
    • Spa Services (1.8 miles)
    • Tennis
    • Water Skiing
    • Wind Surfing
  • Avenida Playa Grande No. 1, Centro
    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 23410
    • Resort
    • Resort cluster
    Accuracy not guaranteed. Contact the resort to confirm the address before making plans.
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02/15/20–02/22/20 New! 7 nights $1,850 ($264/night) View: Ocean view Beds: 1 Baths: 2 Sleeps: 5 View posting
06/22/19–06/29/19 New! 7 nights $1,199 ($171/night) View: Ocean view Beds: 1 Baths: 2 Sleeps: 5 View posting
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RedWeek Verified Price: $9,500 Maint. fee: $1,065 Week: 10 Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Varies Beds: 2 Baths: 3 Sleeps: 6 View posting
RedWeek Verified Price: $10,500 Maint. fee: $1,230 Week: 16 Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Varies Beds: 2 Baths: 3 Sleeps: 8 View posting
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Price: $1,900 Maint. fee: $949.95 Week: Floating (medium) Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Ocean view Beds: 1 Baths: 2 Sleeps: 5 View posting
RedWeek Verified Price: $6,500 Maint. fee: $960 Week: Floating (high) Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Varies Beds: 1 Baths: 2 Sleeps: 4 View posting
RedWeek Verified Price: $6,500 Maint. fee: $1,170 Week: 20 Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Varies Beds: 2 Baths: 3 Sleeps: 8 View posting
RedWeek Verified Price: $1,000 Maint. fee: $725 Week: Floating (high) Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Varies Beds: 0 Baths: 1 Sleeps: 4 View posting
RedWeek Verified Price: $8,500 Maint. fee: $1,174.95 Week: 15 (high) Use: Even Years Type: RTU View: Ocean view Beds: 2 Baths: 3 Sleeps: 8 View posting
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