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Re: Re: Re: I Don't Think I Own a Timeshare???

[Q=judithac] My name is Judith A. Carlson, my ex-husband (now also deceased) was David L. Carlson Jr. I don't know if he ever bought a Timeshare or, if he did, was my name also on it. If so I want to get rid of it and, if not, thank you for your help either way.[/Q] If you have never seen or received any timeshare maintenance fee bills, usually issued annually (around this very time of year), why would you have any reason to believe that your deceased ex-husband ever bought a timeshare? If he owned a timeshare and those annual fees were not paid, a foreclosure would ultimately take place. If / when a foreclosure takes place, there is nothing for you to "get rid of", since foreclosure essentially involves the resort HOA or developer lawfully taking back legal ownership of that timeshare.