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Re: Re: Re: Buying Resale Marriott Vacation Club points

Don, a lot of good information - BUT - we just attended a Marriott sales presentation today and learned that starting in 2023 Marriott will PROHIBIT any Marriott property from being listed on II to exchange. For us that seriously devalues our Marriott timeshare weeks since we will no longer be able to find Marriott (or Westin or Sheraton I assume since Marriott has acquired them) on II and what’s left for the most part are inferior properties. It’s still a good deal to buy a legacy week if you love a property and want to stay there, try to rent it out on Redweek( we’ve had mixed results), or be willing to trade your entire unit within the MVC group. If you have a lock-off option as we do you cannot split it up into 2 portions/2 weeks & trade within the MVC group. You have to deposit & trade through II.