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Re: Owner / renter reviews

Aaron, I own several weeks and I have placed rental ads here on Redweek. Regarding reviews of owners, there are some aspects of renting timeshares that owner have no control over. A primary issue that could cause an unsatisfactory review is villa assignment. As an owner staying in my unit, I get priority of the most desirable units…but on a rotating basis. Renters are at the bottom of the priority list. Renters only get a specified unit at resorts that have fixed week and fixed units and this is not common. Also, most owners do not rent a lot of weeks. One renter who is less than fully satisfied could make review scores look really bad and ruin the potential to rent in the future. Redweek has a vested interest in not having its paid members get scammed so I trust Redweek desire to stay in business. If word got out that a member was scammed on Redweek, that would severely damage Redweek’s reputation..regardless if the rental of sale is verified or not.