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Re: Divi Phoenix Original Tower (Phase I) vs New Towers (Phase II). Room 415

Please do yourselves a favor and NEVER rent a unit from the DIVI Phoenix. It just cost us over $6,000 to leave their for another property. Here are the posts from yesterday and today: We checked into the Divi Phoenix on Sunday, 2/26/2023. When we arrived at the room, it was uninhabitable. Many things were broken from the toilets (they didn't flush), some cabinets were broken at the bottom and the smell of the unit was extremely musty. The unit was not suitable to be rented. It was vile. As we live in New Jersey, we had no way to know of the condition of these units. We've stayed at the Marriott Surf club many times and have never had an issue. In addition, the lights in the elevator [which was dilapidated] stopped working (we got there in the evening and rode the elevator in the dark). We immediately went to the front desk to tell them that the room was unacceptable. They showed us another room. We smelled the odor from this unit (again musty) from the doorway and refused to move units. As we were unable to stay in a unit at the Divi Phoenix, we had to scramble to find another hotel with availability which cost us over $6,000.00. We are requested a full refund [$2,185.00] for the Redweek rental and want to be reimbursed for the additional expense we were forced to incur on such short notice. Should we not hear back shortly, we will simply dispute the charge with our credit card company. about 18 hours ago Rental Team (RedWeek) Hello XXX: We regret the inconvenience you experienced. Unfortunately, the deadline to submit a dispute as per the contract was 12 pm (noon) PT on Feb 27, 2023. 13. Disputes: 13.1. If the Renter does not receive the Unit as described in the Unit Details section, they should open a dispute directly with RedWeek at by 12 pm (noon) PT on Feb 27, 2023. The owner was already paid as stated on the contract. Did you ask the resort for some type of concession? Again, we regret the inconvenience. However, there is nothing RedWeek can do as owner's funds were disbursed and dispute deadline has passed. RedWeek about 1 hour ago Me: Baloney. We notified the front desk at the Divi within an hour of our arrival on February 26th, resulting in their offer of another uninhabitable unit and our vacating the premises. We'll take it up with the credit card company. We'll make sure we put the appropriate feedback in the review section and we will never book with Redweek again. Buyer beware. Let's see who it'll cost more long-term.