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Re: Redweek fee for using their site

As a long time RedWeek member who has bought, sold, rented and / or rented out timeshares numerous times on RedWeek over the course of some years now, I can honestly say that the paid membership requirement truly goes a very long way toward repelling scammers and spammers and insincere "tire kickers". Such people just won't "pay to play". The scammers also don't want to ever leave a "paper trail" behind them, revealing their true identity and / or location. I for one am very grateful to have all of those time-wasters and parasites completely weeded out well ahead of time. The RedWeek membership fee is less than $20 per year. Anyone who won't pay $20 in order to more safely conduct a thousand dollar (or multi-thousand dollar) transaction is simply being "penny wise and pound foolish", at least in my opinion. Craigslist is free, but has a healthy population of assorted scammers, spammers, tire kickers, bottom feeders and con artists. No thanks; I'll "pass" on dealing with those types.