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Re: Re: Buying Resale Marriott Vacation Club points

The total cost should be the purchase price of the points, the closing costs, the $3.00 per point (minimum $3,000) and the education fee. I suggest you call Owner Services to confirm this and to understand exactly how this is done. Please carefully consider what you can do with the number of points you will have after the purchase "and" what you will be able to do with that number of points. You will need about 4,000 points for a 1 week vacation once a year. That is a lot of money. Buying less points is a waste of money as you won't be able to do much. Purchase a resale week - As an alternative, why not buy a good season week at a good resort within driving distance that you would use or rent out? Look at the resale listings on Redweek for lots of good choices. You could buy a great week for $10,000 + closing cost or even less. If you become unhappy with your week, you should be able to resell it for about what you paid. You could also exchange a resale week thru Interval.