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Divi Phoenix Original Tower (Phase I) vs New Towers (Phase II).

The Divi Phenix Aruba has two phases, I & II. I is the original tower, 11 stories high, many complain of mold and lacking the amenities of Phase II. Either out of ignorance or intended to deceive many Phase II posters list their units for rent under the Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort and not Beach Towers at Divi Phoenix. I've spoken with a number of Redweek employees, who are unfamiliar with Aruba or the difference between the two. So if any Redweek staff are reading this, update your "Resorts" to Phase I (Original Tower), or Phase II (four new towers). Currently it is ambiguous and deceptive. I Own nine units at the Divi Phoenix Resort, eight are phase II and one in phase I. When I post my Phase II I list it in the correct resort. Redweek has the same Phase II pics for both Phases which is deceiving. Caveat Emptor. I've brought this issue to Redweek but it continues to fall on deaf ears. I have bought many of my units through Redweek via a Redweek agent and try to explain this to no avail. They yes me to death and yet after all these years, it remains incorrect.