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I Don't Think I Own a Timeshare???

[Q=leighk22] Periodically I receive phone calls or mail referring to me as a timeshare owner. I have never been a timeshare owner. I don't think I've ever stayed in one. Somehow my correct name, address and phone number are on a list of timeshare owners. I always ignore these phone calls and throw the mail away, but today I'm wondering,has this ever happened to anyone? Is there some sort of known scam where the scammer tries to make the target think that they do own a timeshare?[/Q] People get these types of scammer calls all the time --- yes, even non-timeshare owners. You need not be concerned. Your name and phone number was likely on some list which was purchased and circulated from some "contest" or "sweepstakes" entry or something else that you signed up for somewhere, sometime. These people would likely shift into "You don't own a timeshare? Would you like to?" if you listened to them long enough (..and why would you bother?). Just keep ignoring the phone calls and throwing the mail into the recycling bin where it belongs. They will stop bothering you --- eventually.