Mar 09, 2021

Is selling timeshare on this site difficult? Was it a successful venture and did you use the full service selling option.

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Mar 12, 2021

In my opinion (and personal experience) RedWeek is as good a site as any for selling a timeshare. However, the simple truth is that the week being offered has to have some market demand and be priced "right" in order to generate any interest or get successfully sold --- regardless of the site that you choose.

I frankly don't see any need to use the RedWeek "full service" option, but that is a personal, individual choice and decision. You can advertise on your own (for a fee) on RedWeek and you may know a lot more about your timeshare than any RedWeek agent,, so you can likely (and more promptly) answer any questions from prospective buyers. On the other hand, maybe you just don't want to bother with responding to inquiries or handle transfer details. If that's the case, the "full service" option might be better choice for you, despite the additional cost involved. In either case, it's still the exact same timeshare being advertised.

Once you come to an agreement with a buyer, if you are handling your own sale you can choose and use your own "closer". I have used LT Transfers (located in Georgia) numerous times (as both buyer and seller) and I have always found them to be responsive, competent --- and the lowest cost around (under $200). Any "transfer fees" imposed by the resort to "process" ownership changes are additional, but the resort-imposed transfer fee, whatever amount it may be, will still be the same no matter who handles the closing.

I hope this helps you. Good luck.

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Mar 19, 2021

Also be aware that scammer who will try to convince you to list your timeshare with them, that they can sell it for you. Or have a buyer and say no upfront fee, but ask for transfer fees and phony taxes ect. They take your fees and run. Theyscan this site as welll as TUG. Review the list I believe Redweek will send you to help identify a scammer. Like one hassaid it depends where your timeshare is and so forth. Generally not worth alot. I have found renting mine out to be fairly good. Generally rent all four o the weeks requested as it is in a very nice resort and very popular in Mexico. With covid not this year, RCI only allows people every second year to book into. Have considered selling it, but for now renting is covering it and some. Good luck.

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Carol S.

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