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Continiuum travel agency scam beware



Mar 17, 2021

Continiuum travel agency scam beware 0


Mar 16, 2021 Could not find anything on here, but found info on Tug. Continuum , Now say Continuum travel agency have changed it up since Jan 2021 post on Tug. Found BBB for 12 years, and in business 30 years, but no reviews. Big flag. They contact you with a huge amount for your timeshare, they say they have no up front fees. They say we have been hired by foreign investors who want to buy 90 different time shares for the purpose of tax write offs. They say this company is a construction company in Europe and Latin America. that has contracted them to deal with the timeshare owners and do the neg as the buyers dont have time to deal with it. That it does not matter to them how much they pay as its a tax write off.

They say you can take the contract to your lawyer ect so you can make an educated guess. This came out as I asked why would anyone pay what we paid for our timeshares. We all know they do not have great resale. I mentioned that i rent mine out and they said I dont prob get what I should and prob dont have the right clients. They say transfer fees are taken out of proceeds. I could not find any reviews on BBB and they said it cost money to belong. Had a good hunch this was a scam so did not agree to receiving the contract with the info on it as they said we could review and decide if to sign. They offered 45,000 for our4weeks at PB Sunset beach junior suite in the email after the 1st phone call. . A little big red flag there.

When I found the post on Tug for Jan 2021 which Sue on customer service from redweek here had not heard of them and suggested checking tug. I sent it to Continuum and they came back with we are a registered business with the state of Colorado and you can check it on line . And companies can find stuff on anyone. . They said it was up to us to decide and if this was not a good time that was all right, that we could contact them at a later date if we decide to move forward. Hello, SCAM,

Would be interested if many others have been contacted by them as they said 90 vacation resorts, were chosen. JUst curious how wide spread this is.

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