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Worst Timeshare Exchange Experience Over 20+ Years!!

Jun 20, 2021

How to accept ROTTEN EGG smell in hot water as “it is typical for this area”?? Disappointing and next to non-existing customer service… I DO NOT recommend staying at the timeshare with Village at Izatys!!

Here are more details on our experience… Our vacation week at Village at Izatys was Jun 4-11, 2021. It was the first time we exchanged our timeshare into the Village at Izatys location, and it was also our first visit to Izatys resort property. The front desk staff was very friendly. The Izatys property located 1.5 hours north of Twin Cities was incredibly beautiful including golf course, marina, and Lake Mille Lacs waterfront views. We were looking forward to our vacation week. Unfortunately, the water in our unit, F1B (especially the hot water) had an extreme ROTTEN EGG smell. When we turned on hot water in the unit (either shower or faucets), the entire unit would be permeated with the repulsive & unbearable smell. We spoke to the front desk staff, but they did not have authority to switch us to another unit despite offering to pay for any potential upgrade costs. We were told by front desk staff that the facility manger is not authorizing switching us to a different unit even with paying for another unit. Both maintenance and facility manager were not available during the weekend due to their time off. However, the front desk did assure us that the water is safe for human consumption… Very questionable! We purchased drinking water just to be safe. Neither maintenance nor facility management offered to send someone to the unit to investigate the water smell. Instead, they instructed us to let the hot water run, and the smell should dissipate and get better. After staying in the unit for two days, we were not willing to suffer and put up with the awful water smell. We made a tough decision to pack up and return home.

We did have independent water testing done at a local lab, and additional validation that the rotten egg smell most likely was due to a faulty water heater… I spoke to both the facility management and property management, Kyle Narveson at Narveson Management Inc. on Monday, Jun 7th to express our concerns about the water, disappointment and frustration of a vacation ruined. Despite multiple follow-up phone call and emails, I still do not have any response nor follow-up as of this writing from Village at Izatys and its management company.

Jane C.

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