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What are Marriott seasons and what are “in-demand” locations?

Apr 25, 2022

Is Marriott weeks resale a better option than points? What does Platinum season mean? Will I miss out on Marriott perks or status? What are Marriott in demand places?? After reading here and on Tugs, I’m leaning towards buying a Marriott resale at an in demand location but not sure what is deemed “ in demand”. I’m considering buying a Marriott on Hilton Head Island in the spring or fall for personal use but when I want to trade in II, will that week get me a good week? I read a lot about Hawaii obviously (but have little interest in going there), Las Vegas, Orlando and HHI. I’d appreciate any input and advice.

Nancy B.
Apr 25, 2022

Nancy: This page may be helpful for you. It provides the resorts that received the most rental bookings and inquiries last year:

Top 25 Resorts

RedWeek Support
Apr 26, 2022

Thank you so much. I’ve never seen a list like this and often wondered about the real demand the exchange companies experience. Very helpful!

Nancy B.
Jun 16, 2022

I think Marriott Hilton Head weeks in the Spring and Fall are are great choice to use personally, rent or trade. For full disclosure, we own 2 Marriott Monarch weeks and 4 Grande Ocean weeks, all in the Spring and Fall seasons. The resorts that are located on the ocean are the most in demand. There are 4 Marriott Oceanfront resorts: Monarch at Sea Pines, Grande Ocean, Barony and Surf Watch. Most people consider Grande Ocean the most in-demand resort on Hilton Head Island. Monarch is the only Marriott oceanfront located within Sea Pines. Grande Ocean is close to a Sea Pines entrance and a Sea Pines gate pass is provided to Grande Ocean owners and guests. Monarch and Grande Ocean Platinum weeks begin in mid June through August. The spring and fall seasons (called Sport season at Monarch and Gold at Grande Ocean) are April, May, first two weeks in June and September and October. Barony and Surf Watch do not include those first two weeks in their Gold seasons. Therefore, Grande Ocean and Monarch include two weeks of Platinum season in their gold season. Monarch and Grande Ocean can be rented for well above maintenance fees. You can view resale and rental prices here in Redweek ads. I do not think this response answered all your questions but it discloses my preferences.

Raymond M.

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