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Linking Marriott weeks together with points for a longer vacation

Aug 24, 2022

I converted a lock off week to points so I should have enough points at my home resort on Kauai Beach to stay for 2 weeks. I also bought points for another week. Now I am thinking about buying another week on the secondary market so I would have a total of 5 weeks. I'd like to be able to string them together to stay four in the winter and bring the kids out for one of the weeks making a total of 5 weeks. My questions are will this work? And, if so, what considerations do I need to take into account to make it happen? Thank you.

Brian G.
Sep 19, 2022

I don’t know which resort you own that you converted just a lock-off to points but I can’t imagine that you got enough points from that for a week in Kauai. Even our full 2 Bedroom at MDSV during peak (red) season won’t get us a week in Kauai using points. Maybe 6 days, and at most a 1 bedroom with limited kitchen. I’d love to know if you make this happen.

We also learned at a sales presentation this morning that legacy weeks converted to points do NOT PARTICIPATE in the points owners pool of what’s available! Only the pool of Legacy week owners who also converted their location to points. You won’t find it published anywhere, but when you call to ask about availability Owner Services will only see the “pool” of inventory deposited by Legacy owners, weeks or converted points that year.

Ev L.

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