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varies vs. unassigned

Oct 12, 2022

What does room location varies and unassigned mean?

Judy M.
Oct 12, 2022

Only deeded fixed week ownerships know (and guarantee) the occupancy of a specific unit at any given timeshare property.

"Floating" week ownerships and / or "points" ownerships provide no such guarantee. There is really no difference between "varies" and "unassigned"; both words indicate that the specific unit to be occupied may not be known or "assigned" until actual check-in.

Keep in mind that “exchanges” from RCI and / or II will always be “unassigned”. Beware of people trying to rent out “exchanges” that they have acquired from RCI or II, since both RCI and II specifically and clearly prohibit the renting out of “exchanges”. It’s always wise to have the advertiser prove that they OWN the week that they are advertising for rent if the ad is not already “RedWeek Verified”. You can be denied occupancy (and the advertising person can lose their RCI or II membership) if caught trying to rent out a non-owned week obtained as an “exchange” from RCI or II.

judym698 wrote:
What does room location varies and unassigned mean?


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