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How to Back out of a World Mark time share that I don't owe on?

Nov 22, 2022


I have a World mark the club time share. I only owe monthly maintenance fees.

I would like to just stop paying to get out of it but not sure if it will negatively effect me.

It was a good club until they change there website now its a scam you cannot book anything it doesn't even work and you have to spend hours or all day on the phone to try to talk to them. There is hundreds of reviews about this company since 2022 and there new web site you pay dues but the site doesn't work to even get ahold of anyone to book.

I have little doubt that they will just say stop paying your fees if I could even reach someone I'm sure it will turn into an aggressive sales calls to try to get me to buy more points or join an elite club and then there website will work.

I feel sorry for the people that spend thousand and owe a mortgage with these company and cant even use it.

Please let me know if anyone has a company they have used to cancel a Timeshare that isn't another scam.

Thank you

Donivon M.

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