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Marriott - Vistana merger impact on selling my Vistana timeshare

Dec 02, 2022

I need to sell 3 timeshares, all at the Virgin Grand Villas at the Westin St John. All my timeshares are large villas with fixed weeks; week 22 and 23. Marriott doesn’t admit these are fixed weeks. Marriott bought the Westin St John, and the transition has been rough. What can I do? How does Marriott not admitting that I own fixed weeks at their resort impact my resale process?

Erika J.
Dec 05, 2022

I really wish I could help. Redweek cannot confirm as it has been able to in the past, that my Westin St. John fixed week premium virgin grand one bedroom has two baths. redweek says they cannot confirm the unit has Two bathrooms. The only thing new is Marriott. The building is the same, the floorplan is the same ( 1 bd 2 ba ). Just crazy. We have owned for 20 years.

Janet C.

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