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Price filtering

Jan 31, 2023

Hi. Is there a way with the filters to put in a price limit. For example. We are only willing to spend $ 300/night max for Maui. This might be hard to find. But it would eliminate me looking at all the high price units. And hopefully just pop up the ones in my price range. Rick

Rick F.
Jan 31, 2023

Absolutely! When viewing the postings on a resort page, you'll want to select the red "View More" button to expand the view of the postings so all can be viewed. Once the expanded page loads, you'll see a white "More Filters" button above the postings list and to the left of the checkable Booking Protection box. Select this button, and you'll see a blue Price per Night slider that will allow you to define both the lower and upper bounds of the postings you'd like to view.

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