Resale Escrow Service offers a secure and convenient third-party handling service to members participating in a timeshare resale transaction in Florida, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. For transactions in other states, please contact for a referral.

Using First American Title Insurance Co., the leading timeshare escrow company, members can transact timeshare resale agreements with other members, without security concerns that may be associated with private transactions.

Costs (in $USD):

Escrow Closing Fee:

  • $300 for deeded properties in the United States ($350 for Florida properties)
  • $475 for non-deeded properties
  • Closing not available for deeded properties outside the United States

Title Insurance:

  • Florida:
    • $60 for transactions up to $10,400
    • + $5.75 for every $1,000 above $10,400
  • California, Nevada, and Arizona:
  • Hawaii: $300
  • For all other states, please contact First American Title directly for a quote
  • Not available for non-deeded and non-US properties

Special Assessments:

  • Resort transfer fee or recording fees, as applicable
  • $261.78 special fee for Hawaii properties
  • In states where attorneys are required to prepare documents, additional charges will be applied, and a longer closing timeframe may apply.


  1. The buyer and seller come to an agreement on a purchase price and terms.
  2. The seller completes all forms through First American's online application process.
  3. First American sends a confirmation e-mail to the buyer, along with a link to the agreement where the buyer will complete their information and make a down payment.
  4. First American Title collects and prepares the deed, then mails all closing information to the buyer and the seller.
  5. Both parties fill out the paperwork individually and return to First American Title. The buyer should send their remaining payment at this time.
  6. First American Title confirms the deed has been recorded, and disburses funds to the seller, notifies the HOA of the closing, and provides the buyer with a title policy. The buyer will receive the original deed directly from the county.

Open an Order:

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If you prefer to use paper forms and mail or fax to First American Title, they are included below. Each are to be completed by the seller.

First American Title Insurance Co.'s Contact Information:

Resale Department
Phone: 866-639-9203 (from U.S. only); 702-792-6863 (outside U.S.)
Fax: 702-562-9760
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Why First American Title?

First American Title Insurance Co.'s National Vacation Ownership Division (NVOD) is part of the First American Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company that has been in existence over 100 years. Our specially trained staff is just one of the many reasons First American Title Insurance Co. is an innovator in the vacation ownership industry. We understand the unique needs of the timeshare/fractional customer.

First American Title Insurance Co. acts as escrow holder and orchestrates obtaining signatures for all closing documents, collecting payment from the buyer, preparing the deed, coordinating the transfer with the resort's Home Owners Association (HOA), collecting and disbursing funds between the buyer and seller. You can have peace of mind knowing that your monies will be held in trust by First American Title Insurance Co.'s National Vacation Ownership Division.