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Seems Vistana/Marriott has new policy in order for Redweek to confirm owner reservations.

May 04, 2022

As a long time owner at Westin KOR North and also a Redweek member who has previously posted our verified villas on Redweek, I recently went through a stressful and overly stringent and complicated process for Redweek to confirm with Vistana/Marriott a reservation I wanted to post. It all worked out, but apparently Vistana has changed its rules in communicating with Redweek in order to confirm owner held reservations, and/ or the Redweek agent I worked with was not aware of these changes because her initial phone call with me implied the reservation was not as described. After several phone calls, emails and finally a conference call between me, the Redweek agent, and a Vistana agent the reservation was confirmed and is now posted. I called Vistana and learned that because of the ongoing merger with Marriott they will not release or confirm information about owner held reservations to Redweek without your company having more specific information about the owner. Can Redweek please update owners regarding this new verification process with Vistana? I hope that this process is in time simplified. Thank you for any information you can offer regarding this issue.

Anna B.
Jul 15, 2022

With the merger of Vistana/Marriott, I've run into renters unable to confirm the reservation, and they need the 8 digit Marriott confirmation, not the 6 digit on the Vistana confirmation. I have been adding the Marriott 8 digit number with the renter name change confirmation sent to Red Week; however, the Marriott number isn't being provided to the renter, so I've received emails that the name change can't be confirmed on the reservation. The easy fix is that the renter will contact me and I provide the 8 digit Marriott confirmation number. It would be helpful for Red Week to clarify this as well, and what's the best way to ensure the renter can easily confirm the reservation.

Jeanette M.
Jul 18, 2022

Hello Jeanette,

Thank you so much for your feedback. We are now requiring owners to provide RedWeek both reservation numbers (Marriott and Vistana) so we can confirm the guest has been added on both systems. We are providing the renter with the Marriott reservation number to avoid check-in issues.

Thank you again! RedWeek Team

Lorna Q.
Jul 18, 2022

We are four-week owners at both Westin KOR North and Marriott's Newport Coast Villas (purchased in 2006 and 2007, respectively). At Newport Coast we own 4th of July fixed week, plus 3 additional Platinum weeks, always reserve 4 consecutive July weeks every year, and can do so 13 months in advance because of our multi-week ownership. For over ten years, we always received one of our three choices for villa location requests in ocean view buildings. This year, when we attempted to submit the location request for a reservation with an "additional guest" added, the property had internally taken the reservation out of our name, put the guest name on it, and issued a different reservation number. My app reservation history showed my reservation "cancelled." After several calls to owner services and the property, the back office of owner services reinstated my reservation into my name. However, in the process, I have learned that if a "guest" checks in, they are no longer receiving my booking priority for villa location. The property says they have so many rentals, they will give location priority first to "owners" checking in, and process "guests" second. Recently, we received an email from Vistana advising Marriott and Vistana vacation club brands online systems are being integrated. Unfortunately, I suspect this means Vistana / Westin KOR N will begin instituting the same tactics as Marriott Vac Club, designed to make it more and more challenging and difficult to rent weeks. Has anyone else experienced this??

Dianna M
Oct 13, 2022

Diana, sorry to take over your thread but was trying to find information on renting my timeshare at Newport. I was given 2 platinum weeks by my uncle last year and have both weeks booked for 6/9-6/16 in 2023. Wanted to rent one week but I am not sure if there are any short term rental laws in Newport/Orange Count. I went to the Newport Coats government site and when I put the address in for MArriotts it said short term rentals were not allowed. Do owners need to get a permit or do anything special to rent their ownership weeks?

Paul C.
Nov 14, 2022

According to RedWeek I have not properly changed the name on my Westin Kaanapali North reservation. I have the 8 digit reservation number, I have the 6 digit reservation number, I have called Marriott and the reservation information is in the new renter's name but RedWeek says I haven't changed the name properly and now they say the booking has expired. I have called and e-mailed and RedWeek has been unresponsive. Has anyone else had this problem and how have they gotten it resolved? It has cost me $5,000 and I'm not happy about it!

Ellen and Dennis D.

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